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The micro brewing / craft beer market has exploded over past few years as consumers’ beer palates across North America have become more sophisticated. These small batch, hand crafted beers now represent the fastest growing segment within the beer market. A recent article in Business in Vancouver stated that BC's micro brewing had experienced 43% sales growth over one year period which was more robust than any other beer and alcohol category. Although still relatively small compared to big commercial brands, the BC industry has grown from 35 breweries and brew pubs in 2007 to over 130 expected by 2017. In Northern BC there are four craft breweries currently open - one in each of Valemount, Quesnel, Terrace and Prince Rupert - with a fifth planned to open in downtown Prince George by end of 2016. While the debate rages on about which brewers are deserving of the craft beer label, there is no debating local breweries are producing amazing varieties of quality beer with different tastes, aroma and appearance to suit any palate.

4 Mile Brewing

Location: Victoria

Head Brewers: Steven Gray

Barkerville Brewing

Location: Quesnel

Head Brewer: Erin Dale

Cannery Brewing

Location: Penticton

Head Brewer: Ross Thompson

CrossRoads Brewing

Location: Prince George

Head Brewer: Patrick Moore

Driftwood Brewery

Location: Victoria

Head Brewer: Jason Meyer

Granville Island Brewing

Location: Vancouver

Head Brewer: Kevin Emms

Howe Sound Brewing

Location: Squamish

Head Brewer: Franco Corno

Hoyne Brewing

Location: Victoria

Head Brewer: Sean Hoyne

Mt. Begbie Brewing

Location: Revelstoke

Head Brewer: Bart Larson

Pacific Western Brewing

Location: Prince George

Head Brewer: Henrik Braun

Red Truck Beer Company

Location: Vancouver

Head Brewer: Justin Vickaryous

Sherwood Mountain Brewing

Location: Terrace

Head Brewer: Darryl Tucker

Steamworks Brewing Co.

Location: Burnaby

Head Brewer: Julia Hanlon

Three Ranges Brewing

Location: Valemount

Head Brewer: Michael Lewis

Featured beer brewed by

4 Mile Brewing


Trench Brewing

Location: Prince George -

opening 2017

Head Brewers: Steven Gray (4 Mile Brewing)

Wheelhouse Brewing

Location: Prince Rupert

Head Brewer: Craig Outhet