AleFest 2017

Together we raised over


to benefit Ronald McDonald House of BC and a future Kiwanis legacy capital project for kids in Prince George

Sold out in: 10 minutes

Attendance: 1200

Breweries represented: 16

Friends made: Priceless

A big thanks to the following sponsors who came on board and supported our event:






A shout out to the following non-profit groups for their assistance in making the event possible:

  • Kiwanis Tulare
  • Kiwanis Janesville
  • Kiwanis Thousand Oaks
  • Prince George Regional Art Gallery Association
  • Prince George Folkfest Society
  • Theatre Northwest Society
  • Prince George & District Community Arts Council

A big thanks to the following restaurants who served up some amazing tapas for our event:

A massive thanks to the following breweries who joined in our second event to create a great environment for trying out new beers in the north: