AleFest 2017

Together we raised over


to benefit Ronald McDonald House of BC and a future Kiwanis legacy capital project for kids in Prince George

Sold out in: 10 minutes

Attendance: 1200

Breweries represented: 16

Friends made: Priceless

Our third annual Kiwanis AleFest was again a tremendous success as we were able to raise over $25,000 towards the Ronald McDonald House of BC and future Kiwanis legacy projects here in Prince George. A big thank you to those who joined us for Kiwanis AleFest 2017! We would not have been able to have such a successful event without the many long volunteer hours, both before, during, and after the event; and the support of many community-focused restaurants, breweries, and businesses. Through this, we have been able to make a difference in our community, the north, and the lives of many families. Thank you Prince George for helping to make this all possible. We hope that you enjoyed Kiwanis AleFest 2017 as much as we did. See you in 2018!


A big thanks to the following sponsors who came on board and supported our event:






A shout out to the following non-profit groups for their assistance in making the event possible:

  • Kiwanis Tulare
  • Kiwanis Janesville
  • Kiwanis Thousand Oaks
  • Prince George Regional Art Gallery Association
  • Prince George Folkfest Society
  • Theatre Northwest Society
  • Prince George & District Community Arts Council

A big thanks to the following restaurants who served up some amazing tapas for our event:

A massive thanks to the following breweries who joined in our second event to create a great environment for trying out new beers in the north: